Washington State University

Revised 3-02
Radiation Safety Office

Disposal of Equipment Used with Radioactive Materials

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Authorized users must decontaminate and survey each item of University equipment which has contained or may have been contaminated with radioactive materials prior to disposition.

The Radiation Safety Office (RSO) performs a property release survey prior to the transfer of such equipment to Surplus Stores or other release for unrestricted use.

These requirements ensure that no excessive levels of radioactive contamination exist for future users of the equipment item. See BPPM 20.76 for Surplus Stores procedures.

See 9.22 for information concerning disposition of radiation machines.

Full Disclosure

The RSO must fully disclose the results of the property release survey in order to authorize the release of any items of equipment used for radioactive material for unrestricted use as surplus property or for other purposes.

RSO personnel affix a Laboratory Survey form stamped with the words WSU Property Release Survey to the appliance prior to release. (See the example in the PDF version of 9.65.2.) The information contained on the completed survey form constitutes full disclosure. See 9.42 for more information about laboratory surveys.

Property Release Survey

The authorized user must ensure that the equipment is satisfactorily cleaned, surveyed for fixed and removable contamination, and empty prior to requesting the RSO's property release survey.

The authorized user must request a property release survey from the Radiation Safety Office (RSO). The authorized user provides the following information about the item to the RSO:

Radiation Safety Office personnel survey the equipment with an appropriate survey meter. Swipes are used for removable contamination. The level of surface contamination must comply with the table in the PDF version of 9.65.3. (The table is from WAC 246-232-140, Schedule D.)

The authorized user must perform additional decontamination efforts if the results of the RSO's property release survey are unsatisfactory.

Survey Form

Radiation Safety Office (RSO) personnel complete a Laboratory Survey form stamped with the words WSU Property Release Survey.

The RSO indicates the authorized disposal or disposition method under Comments.

Removing Labels

After completing satisfactory radiation surveys, Radiation Safety Office personnel remove all radioactive materials labels or stickers. (Non-RSO personnel shall not remove radioactive materials labels.)