Human Origins: Reconstructing the Story

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Author: Richard Law


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Eric Miraglia and David Scuderi

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Developed for the World Civilizations Program in General Education August 2008, Version 3


The Human Origins: Reconstructing the Story learning module is intended to supplement the text of GenEd 110 "World Civilizations I" by providing some essential background information about human culture prior to the development of civilized communities. The module is essentially an illustrated narrative with three large sections:

  1. an overview of human evolution,
  2. a timeline showing the species life of the main Hominids, and
  3. an illustration of the physical characteristics of human beings intended to establish a more precise sense of our nature as a species and to stimulate thinking about the role that culture plays in human life.

Intended Users:

This learning module is intended primarily for WSU students—for freshmen as an assignment in World Civilizations I (GenEd 110) and as a self-study reference for freshmen to advanced undergraduate students.

Prerequiste Competencies:

  1. Freshman standing at WSU
  2. Entry Assessment:
  3. Outcome Competencies:
  4. Exit Assessment:
  5. Learning Plans:

Learning Objectives for "Human Origins: Reconstructing the Story" Module

After viewing the module, students should

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