Washington State University

Revised 9-14
Radiation Safety Office

Radioactive Materials Authorization

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The use of radioactive materials at the University is allowed for the purposes of research, teaching, and service by authorized users. The Radiation Safety Committee grants authorized user status through an application and review process. (See the Radiation Protection Program Manual (RPPM).)

The procedures and available resources for authorized use must be adequate to maintain:

The University's licenses do not allow any use of radiation in or on human subjects.


Unlike a radiation machine that can be "turned off" to eliminate the risk of exposure to the radiation it produces, radioactive materials present two ongoing risks, the risk due to any ambient radiation field created near their area of use and the risk of contamination of facilities, people, and the atmosphere.

The procedures in this section (9.50) assist authorized users involved in research, teaching, and/or service by providing:

Requirements and Standard Guidelines

The policy and procedures in this section (9.50) are applicable for all authorized users and radiation workers involved in the acquisition, storage, use, and disposal of:

Specifically-licensed radioactive materials and generally-licensed radioactive materials that may be purchased without a license but are held under the University's license must be listed in the Radiation Safety Office (RSO) tracking inventory.

Additional policies and procedures that pertain specifically to radioactive materials possession and use include:


See 9.10 and 9.20 regarding Radiation Protection Program administration and implementation responsibilities.


The following procedures are designed to ensure the proper maintenance of this policy for the possession, use, and disposal of radioactive materials.

Authorization to Use Radioactive Materials

Permanent faculty and staff who acquire and possess radioactive materials must have an approved, active authorization in place.

The authorized user must submit a completed application form and all required supporting documents to the RSO. See RSO Forms.

The Radiation Safety Committee must review and approve the application before any work involving the use of sources of radiation may be initiated.


Every authorized user of radioactive material must submit a renewal application at regular intervals specified by the Radiation Safety Committee and as listed in the RPPM.


If an authorized user requires or plans to change the described use under an authorization, he or she must submit an application for amendment to the RSO. The Radiation Safety Committee must review and approve the amendment prior to implementation of the changes.

Applicable changes to factors listed on the authorization include:

If an amendment of an authorization is being considered, consultation with the RSO is encouraged.

RSO Notification Required

The department and/or authorized user must notify the RSO of the following:

Authorized User Actions

Personnel Management

Each authorized user must:

Management of Radioactive Material Use Areas

Each authorized user must ensure that:

The RHF-3 form is available at RSO Forms.

Procurement and Management of Radioactive Materials

Each authorized user must ensure that:

Termination of Authorization and/or Departure from the University

Each authorized user must: