Washington State University

Revised 9-14
Radiation Safety Office

Radioactive Waste Management

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Federal and state radioactive waste management regulations are complex. The University ensures that all storage, processing, and disposal of radioactive waste and all associated transport of wastes for disposal to state- or federally-licensed disposal facilities are compliant with regulations.

It is essential that all authorized users and radiation workers:


The policy and procedures in this section (9.70) apply to all:


The University is not licensed to accept, process, or dispose of radioactive wastes generated by the use of radioactive materials that were not acquired and used under the University's broad scope license. See 9.40.

The RSO does not accept or process radioactive wastes not generated by University staff at WSU facilities.

No employee of the University may accept the transfer of radioactive waste created from radioactive material not held under the University's broad scope license. See 9.40.


The information provided in this section (9.70) and in the Radiation Protection Program Manual (RPPM) provide the necessary guidance to ensure that:


The RSO provides support to:


The following procedures are designed to ensure the proper management and disposal of radioactive waste:

Coordination and Oversight

The RSO coordinates and oversees radioactive waste management and disposal in accordance with local, state and federal regulations, and University license conditions.

Waste Preparation and Transfer Requirements

Authorized users, or designee radiation workers, must properly label and secure containers of radioactive waste from the time of initial use through to the transfer of the waste container to the RSO, in accordance with RPPM and/or RSO procedures and protocols.

Authorized users and designee radiation workers must follow the detailed direction and guidance specified in the RPPM to coordinate proper transfer of wastes to the RSO for disposal. The RPPM includes procedures regarding radiation waste:

Waste Not Accepted

RSO staff are not authorized to accept the transfer of any of the following:

Protocol Review

The RSO and the Radiation Safety Committee review and update radioactive waste management protocols for all University waste generators (authorized users) on a routine and ongoing basis to ensure that safety and compliance are maintained.