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View Class Schedule Academics>Learning>Schedule details Main Menu>Student>Schedule Details
Add/Drop/Withdraw from a course Academics>Learning>Add, Drop, Withdraw Main Menu>Student>Register & Plan>Add, Drop, Withdraw
Grades (midterm) Academics>Learning>View Midterm Grades Main Menu>Student>Grades & Course Information>View mid-term grades
Grades (final) Academics>Learning>View Final Grades Main Menu>Student>Grades & Course Information>View final grades
Cancel Enrollment Academics>Learning>Cancel Enrollment Main Menu>Student>Register & Plan>Cancel Enrollment
Angel Academics>Learning>Angel Learning Management System Main Menu>Student>Angel
Library Academics>Library Main Menu>General Links>Library
Registration Academics>Register & Plan>Registration Main Menu>Student>Register & Plan>Registration
Registration Time & Holds Academics>Register & Plan>Registration Time & Holds Main Menu>Student>Register & Plan>Registration Time & Holds
Class Search Academics>Register & Plan>Class Search Main Menu>Student>Grades & Course Information>Class Search
Class Schedule Academics>Register & Plan>Class Schedule Main Menu>Student>Grades & Course Information>Course Catalog/Schedules
Schedule Options Academics>Register & Plan>Schedule Surfer (Pullman) Main Menu>Student>Register & Plan>Schedule Surfer
Course Catalog Academics>Register & Plan>WSU catalog Main Menu>Student>Register & Plan>WSU Catalog
Notices Communications>Notices>View Notices
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NOTICES pagelet
Emergency Noties Communications>Notices>Register ***Main Menu>My Profile>Update Notices
Change Address/Phone Communications>Notices>Change address or phone ***Main Menu>My Profile>Update Notices
WSU Today Communications>News>WSU Today FEATURED NEWS pagelet
Upcoming Events Communications>News>WSU Pullman News -
Employment Opportunities Employment>Job Opportunities Main Menu>General Links>Employment>Employment Opportunities
Earnings Statement Employment>Payroll & Benefits>View Earning Statement -
Benefits Information Employment>Payroll & Benefits>View Employee Benefits -
W2 Employment>Payroll & Benefits>View W-2 Wage & Tax Statement -
W4 Employment>Payroll & Benefits>View W-4 Federal Withhoding Tax Status Information -
Direct Deposit Employment>Payroll & Benefits>View Direct Deposit Information -
State Retirement Employment>Payroll & Benefits>View State Retirement Contributions -
TIAA Retirement Employment>Payroll & Benefits>View TIAA Contributions -
University Account Balance (pay) Finances>Accounts>Pay now ACCOUNT BALANCE pagelet
CougarCard Account Balance (add) Finances>Accounts>Need more $ COUGAR CARD BALANCE pagelet
Report Lost CougarCard Finances>Accounts>Report a lost CougarCard -
Student Accounts Direct Deposit Finances>Accounts>Sign up for/Update Student Accounts Direct Deposit -
Travel/Accounts Payable Direct Deposit Finances>Accounts>Sign up for/Update Trave/Accounts Payable Direct Deposit -
View Direct Deposits Finances>Accounts>View Reimbursement Direct Deposits Main Menu>HR, Payroll & Benefits>Payroll Information>Direct Deposit
Pay a Parking Ticket Finances>Accounts>Pay a parking ticket Main Menu>General Links>Services>Parking Services
Appeal a Parking Ticket Finances>Accounts>Appeal a parking ticket Main Menu>General Links>Services>Parking Services
Donate to WSU Finances>Accounts>Donate to WSU Main Menu>General Links>Donate to WSU
Buy Medical Insurance Finances>Accounts>Buy medical insurance Main Menu>Student>Finance & Purchases>Optional Purchases
Buy Sports Pass Finances>Accounts>Buy sports pass Main Menu>Student>Finance & Purchases>Optional Purchases
Buy Computer Lab Pass Finances>Accounts>Buy computer lab pass Main Menu>Student>Finance & Purchases>Optional Purchases
Order Yearbook Finances>Accounts>Order yearbook Main Menu>Student>Finance & Purchases>Optional Purchases
File FAFSA Finances>Student Aid>File a FAFSA to apply for aid Main Menu>Student>Finance & Purchases>Scholarships & Financial Aid
UREC Training Programs Training Opportunities>UREC Main Menu>General Links>Health & Wellness>UREC Training Opportunities
UREC News WSU Life>Activities & Events UNIVERSITY RECREATION NEWS pagelet
Residence Hall Housing WSU Life>Housing & Dining>Residence Hall Housing Main Menu>Student>Housing>Residence Hall Housing
Single Student Apartments WSU Life>Housing & Dining>Single Student Apartments (SSA) Main Menu>Student>Housing>Single Student Apartments
Family/Graduate Apartments WSU Life>Housing & Dining>Family/Graduate Apartments Main Menu>Student>Housing>Family/Graduate Apartments
Fraternities and Sororities WSU Life>Housing & Dining>Fraternity or Sorority Main Menu>Student>Housing>Fraternity or Sorority Housing
Campus Dining Menus WSU Life>Housing & Dining>menus Main Menu>General Links>Where to Eat>Campus Dining Menus
Health & Wellness Services WSU Life>Recreation & Wellness>Health & Wellness Services Main Menu>General Links>Health & Wellness>Health & Wellness Services
Counseling Services WSU Life>Recreation & Wellness>Counseling Services Main Menu>General Links>Services>Counseling Services
UREC Challenge Program WSU Life>Recreation & Wellness>UREC Challenge Program Main Menu>General Links>Health & Wellness>University Recreation
Tech Store Profiles>Tech Store Main Menu>General Links>Services>Tech Store
Manage Subscriptions Profiles>Subscriptions -


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